Environmental Education

Our Environmental Education Program offers many activities for Forest County Potawatomi Community members. These range from weekly science and nature activities at the Tribe’s preschool to nature hikes, summer camp, and high school and college internships with the Natural Resources Department.

In addition, Environmental Education staff are available for activities and presentations to the general public. Upon request, we can lead environmental science and nature activities for classes at the local public school districts. We also offer programs to area groups and clubs. Call (715) 478-4962 or email Celeste.Schuppler@fcpotawatomi-nsn.gov if you would like to set something up for your class or club.

For Teachers

for teachers

Attention pre-K through 12th grade teachers!

If you work for the Crandon, Laona, or Wabeno school district, We want to work with you!

We can do science and nature themed activities in your class or school forest! And best of all, it’s FREE OF CHARGE.

Click here for a list of topics we can do. We’ll then adjust the specific activities to your needs and grade level.

We also offer themed kits containing hands-on learning materials you can borrow and use in your class for free.

Click here to see what’s available and reserve one today!

Featured Activity

monarch tagging

Monarch Tagging

Monarch butterflies are marvelous creatures. Every fall these little critters fly from Wisconsin all the way down to Mexico to spend the winter in oyamel fir forests.

To help us figure out the routes they fly to get there, we are part of the monarch tagging program run by Monarch Watch.

Once we know what areas and routes they use we can work to maintain the stops these butterflies rely on during their long trip to Mexico and back.

Nature Notes