Chillin in the Lodge with Muk (Beaver)

Beavers mainly live in their lodge during winter, leaving only to get limbs that are stuck into the mud beneath their lodge at the bottom of the lake or pond. The wood was placed there by the beavers before winter, so they have a supply of sticks to eat and chew on during winter.

This activity is pretend play—beavers in winter.

You can watch these two videos of beavers before you play to help get into character:

Now you’re ready to play!

First, build a lodge. The entrance should be at the bottom. Beavers swim into their lodge from under the water.

Lodge can be make like an indoor fort with blankets/sheets, pillows, chairs, etc.

Next, dress like a beaver.

Teeth can be made from colored paper and should be a rusty orange color. Beaver teeth contain iron, which makes the teeth strong enough to chew on wood. Feet can be made from paper or by putting flip flops into socks. If using paper, trace an adult’s foot or shoe and cut out. Use tape to attach the paper feet. Beavers have very large back feet to help them swim.

Tail can be made from a towel, scarf, paper—get creative! 

Lastly, prepare “sticks” for eating and gnawing. Decide where your lake “bottom” will be and put the sticks there.

Sticks can be made from rolled up paper, empty paper towel rolls, markers, or other stick-like items around the house—use caution if you use something pointy like pencils or real sticks to make sure no one gets poked and hurt.

Now it’s time to play! “Swim” into your lodge and hang out, take a nap, clean your fur. Any sticks you already have in your lodge can be gnawed on and the bark eaten (for pre-tend). It’s important not to let your teeth grow too long, so chew on lots of sticks. When you run out, swim out of your lodge down to the bottom of the lake to your “beaver re-frigerator,” pick up some sticks there, and bring them back to your lodge.

What did you like most about being a beaver?

What was hard? 

Do you think they get bored in winter? What do you think they do when they get bored?